My Top 5 Secrets To Self-Care

My Top 5 Secrets To Self-Care

If these last 8 months of running this business has taught me anything it is that, IT IS FINE TO SLOW DOWN!!! In the past I have been too focused on others and I bet that I am not alone. We spend time making sure that everything at work gets done, we put in the extra hours, we twist ourselves like a pretzel to ensure that other people are happy and we forget about the importance of us.

It is not an act of being selfish but rather and act of self-love. In order to be able to be that upbeat, positive person that everyone has known to love we need to learn to let go and relax. This is a journey, believe me because I still struggle with letting go. However, I am going to share my top 5 secrets to how I self-care and show myself some compassion and love.


1| Go For A Walk

I find that going outside and being in nature is a great way to unwind. I know that when I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed a walk can help clear my mind because it gives me the opportunity to have time by myself and to organize my thoughts. I love soaking up the much needed vitamin D and stepping away from the computer.


    2| Meditate

    Slowing down, focusing on my breathing, and affirming positive thoughts to me is one of the best means to self-care. Intentional meditating can help you shift your mindset, and show yourself that you appreciate YOU. It takes about 10 minutes, close your eyes and think of the amazing things that have happened to you this day, week, or month. Make a list of things that you're grateful about and give yourself credit because you did that.


      3| Listen To Music and Dance

      Chaos can defeat chaos in my opinion sometimes. I say find your favorite songs and dance like no one is watching. Throw a club in your living room and let the music move you. If you stress about what others think or say, then this is a great method for you to just be you and let loose. You're in control here and remember PEOPLE DON'T CONTROL YOUR HAPPINESS.


        4| Spend Time With Family or Friends

        Sometimes a fun moment is just what we need to take our mind off of that hectic to do list. Yes it is fine to take a moment for yourself and who better than with the people that are closest to us. Have a fun Loteria night and YES order yourself that much deserved pizza. Laugh and make memories.  


          5| Journal

          Putting thoughts to paper can truly help to relieve some of that unwanted stress and anxiety. Taking a few minutes in your day to write down that moment of frustration or that stressful meeting you might of just had can really help to put your mind at ease, instead of keeping it with you throughout the rest of your day. I don't journal on a daily but those days that are just too much sometimes I like to get it off my mind. It's a great way to vent without feeling like your always complaining.

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